Does your money collect interest or dust? Compare the most popular investing platforms and earn exclusive rewards using the Sign-up links. If you don’t know what crowdlending is, take a look at Crowdlending 101 page. Bon Appétit!

Platform Unbiased review Avg. rates Min. investment Term range Buyback guarantee Autoinvest Secondary Market Sign-up bonus
WisefundComing soon!16-20% 10€ 6-12m101Get a 0.5% bonus
EnvestioRead review15-21% 1€ 1-12m111Get a 5€ + 0.5% bonus
KuetzalComing soon!10-21% 100€ 12-48m101Get a 0.5% bonus
TFG CrowdRead review10-19% 100€ 6-12m100Visit website
MintosRead review8-14% 10€ 1-72m111Get up to 1% bonus
GrupeerRead review11-15% 10€ 0-36m110Visit website
Neo FinanceComing soon!7-27% 10€ 36-60m111Get a 10€ bonus
EstateguruRead review8-11% 50€ 6-36m010Get a 0.5% bonus
ViainvestComing soon!9-12% 10€ 7d-12m110Get a 10€ bonus
BondoraComing soon!8-17% 1€ 3-60m011Get a 5€ bonus

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