Hi there! My name is Miguel Llamazares. I was born in Spain, but I currently live in the South-East of the UK with my beloved partner Sara.

My father taught me how to program in Visual Basic 6 when I was 13yo (now we have GAMBAS!). Since then, after thousands of lines of code, I’m proud to say that it has become not only my passion but my job.

Although I studied web development, I ended up coding in COBOL (yep, it’s still alive) for the last 6 years-ish. However, I’m also quite interested in Data Science and its applications in solving real-world problems.

I must confess that I’m also a Linux fanboy. I literally spend hours tweaking my KDE desktop, creating fancy bash scripts, or checking out the latest trendy Linux distro.

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and researches when it comes to investing. I’ll use my programming superpowers to boost the performance of our portfolios! But don’t worry if you don’t want to mess up with the geeky stuff, I’ll always bring the final result by a TL;DR way.

I’d love to hear from you, just drop me a message using the contact form or add me on LinkedIn, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

about, About
When your coffee mug tells you a joke…

My current goals

  1. Learning how to mess up with i3wm.
  2. Finishing my Philosophy degree.
  3. Becoming a Business Analyst.
  4. Visiting Japan.
  5. Setting more exciting goals soon!


Nothing written here should be considered advice or guidance for investment decisions. If uncertain, always consult a professional investment advisor and/or accountant.

I’m not directly associated with any of the investment platforms reviewed here. That means that every post just reflects my personal opinion based on my own research and experience. I use affiliate links though, which commonly also beneficiates the referrals with an extra bonus, so it’s a win-win scenario for both sides.