Exclusive Mintos Statistics 2019

What’s up, guys? Today I bring you some exclusive charts regarding the Mintos performance of the last months. They’ve been provided by the Head of Affiliate Marketing of the company, so I can share them with my beloved subscribers.

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Overall overview

Due to the drop in the loan supply this past September, I wrote the following post: Where are Mintos loans?. Well, but after the storm comes the calm. Here are some highlights of the recent performance of the company:

  • Overall, they have been experiencing a positive trend with a minor setback at the end of summer. However, the loan supply has increased rapidly shortly after. As always, they are continuously working on partnering with new, bigger loan originators in various countries worldwide to increase the loan availability and diversification options for you and other investors on Mintos.
  • During 2019 (01.01.2019.-31.10.2019.), a total of 25 loan originators launched on the Mintos marketplace, out of which 16 were new loan originators, and 9 were new branches (countries of existing loan originators).
  • During 2019 (01.01.2019.-31.10.2019.), a total of 12,3 million new loans were added to the Mintos marketplace, out of which 9,6 million were supplied by existing loan originators and 2,7 by new loan originators.
  • The initial value strongly correlates with the count of new loans both per month and cumulatively. During 2019 (01.01.2019.-31.10.2019.), the total initial value of loans added to the Mintos marketplace is EUR 2,8 billion.

That sounds quite good, innit? However, let’s be frank, there are some loan providers which have been facing some issues lately:

The good point is that Mintos provides an excellent level of detail which we can use for early detecting these problems. I strongly recommend you to use the Mintos Explorer and Mintos Lender Ratings, to track the performance of each originator and minimize risks significantly (I’ll refresh the data of those tools soon, bear with me).

Ok, but translate it to fancy charts

That’s what I always say, mate. Let’s see some meaningful charts which speak by themselves:

The bottom line

In my opinion, Mintos has been able to overcome that loan supply gap sucessfully. But we cannot stop there, we should always diversificate our investing portfolio. Some of my favourite trending platforms are Wisefund, Monethera, or Evoestate (I’m planning to release a review of each of them soon). Plus, you can always pop by the platform comparison to find the P2P lending platform which suits your needs.

Any question? Already using Mintos? Do not hesitate in asking your doubts or sharing your personal experience in the comment section below.

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