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grupeer interview, Interview with Grupeer

This interview took place on the 11th of April 2019 with Alla Kisika, the Co-Founder of Grupeer.

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Why should we choose Grupeer over other crowdlending platforms?

Grupeer is unique in many ways. First of all, Grupeer offers diversification in one place. Investors can put their money in real estate development projects as well as into the business loans. All our investment deals are secured by BuyBack Guarantee and we have zero default rate. Secondly, Grupeer is developing rapidly and we are not stopping at what we have now. We aim to add several revolutionary products on our platform this year, that are not offered by other p2p platforms. Thirdly, we have gathered a great team of professionals, who are leaders in their own fields. This allows us to have a zero-default rate and investors can be sure they are looked after.

What is the average interest rate of your investors?

The average return rate from finished projects is 15.04%.

Could Brexit affect your investors in some way?

No, we have very little number of investors from UK and no loan originators there, so it won’t affect us in any way.

What percentage of loans default?

We never encountered default, no late payment. This is the result of hard and scrupulous work by our team of highly skilled professionals. We scouted our team members across the industry and they have delivered great results. And will continue to deliver.

What would happen if Grupeer goes on bankrupt?

We hope this will never happen, however, in this adverse scenario, the liquidator for the company will be assigned. The liquidator will be responsible for satisfying the investor’s claims and returning back all money back to our investors.

What is your borrower selection process?

The first criteria is the collateral of the loan, which needs to be realistically evaluated and which needs to have good liquidity. In addition to that, there mustn’t be any juridical problems that may affect the liquidity or value of the collateral. Secondly, we check the background of the borrower from different sources and we also always meet the borrower beforehand, to see if his plans are realistic and if he is competent enough to complete the project. This also includes checking the financial background of the borrower. In addition to that, we analyse the business plan of the borrower – is the plan realistic, how does the borrower plan to repay the loan and is the plan for repayment realistic as well – for example, is it possible to refinance it with a loan from a bank, is it realistic to sell the property in 12 months and is it likely that the project will be fully ready in that time.

How many workers does your company have?

We started April 2019 with 46 employees. Grupeer is developing several new products, that is why we have expanded our staff since last year. Many new employees are known in financial industry and are experts in financial product development, sale, due diligence and so on.

What are your goals in the short and in the long term?

Our main goal is to expand our business and offer new products and solutions to our clients as well as to a fintech companies. We aim to enter the new level and become a leader in the fintech world. The main goal is to launch a p2p aggregator- a single place where investors could see all available investment deals across all p2p platforms.

Since the launch we are working on the ambitious product- a stability fund, allowing investors to buy a fraction of the income-generating commercial building, which will be available in first half of 2019. The new products and functionalities to become available in the future: payment system, p2p investment aggregator, Grupeer white label solution- an opportunity for credit companies and other fintech companies to buy tailor-made p2p software by Grupeer and, of course we are negotiating new partnerships with loan originators to increase investment opportunities for our clients.

Also, we want to grow the audience of our Grupeer Blog, which will educate the investing community or aspiring investors about the p2p lending market, general economic news and tips. It is a “knowledge hub” for investors.

Any question? Already using Grupeer? Do not hesitate in asking your doubts or sharing your personal experience in the comment section below.

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