Mintos meets Data Science #3

mintos data science, Mintos meets Data Science #3

Exciting news, guys! New investing tool and significant updates of the existing ones. Yay!

First off, I wanted to say thank you for supporting this blog, I literally spent hours creating quality content and you seem to enjoy it. <3

The thing is that I’ve recently received a suggestion from a subscriber regarding Mintos Explorer tool; it was something like: “OK, fine, that’s a fancy table, but I just wanted to see how the originators are performing in a clear way, so omit the geeky stuff!” (well, maybe was a little more polite, though).

Mintos Lender Ratings

I’m always willing to listen to new ideas you might have, and this one was some of them. That’s why I created a new tool called Mintos Lender Ratings. In a nutshell, this tool synthesises three different ratings (Mintos rating, ExploreP2P rating and On-time rating) in a single column called Final rating. Let’s recall the source of those ratings:

  • Mintos rating: this a gauge for each loan originator’s financial and operational stability. Find more info at the Mintos blog.
  • ExploreP2P rating: this is meant to be an alternative originator’s rating based on 5 characteristics: profitability, capitalisation, size, track record and the quality of their reporting. They said investors can have some confidence in any lender achieving a score of 60 or better. Find more info at the ExploreP2P blog.
  • On-time rating: the average of the on-time rank column (find a description at the bottom of this list) of all active loans of a specific originator. It’s a great metric to track how well they’re performing in all the currencies, countries, loan types, interest rates, etc.

In my personal opinion, I think those lenders with a Final rating over 60% have healthy background and performance. They’re not 100% risk free though, it just means that, according to the data, they’re less likely to default. On the other hand, I’d avoid those under 50% score. But it really depends on your investor profile and your risk tolerance.

The bottom line

Finally, I’ve replaced those three rating columns of Mintos Explorer by just the Final rating, so now it looks cleaner and doesn’t contain redundant info anymore (aka data normalization). If you still want to check the originator details, just pop by Mintos Lender Ratings tool.

Alrighty! That’s pretty much it. Read my unbiased Mintos review so you can get an idea of how does Mintos‘s platform works and how much return you can expect.

Any question or suggestion? Do not hesitate in asking your doubts or sharing your personal experience in the comment section below.

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