Mintos ratings update

mintos ratings update, Mintos ratings update

The crowdlending platform Mintos has recently updated its originator’s ratings. That’s funny because I’ve just released Mintos Explorer last Sunday so yesterday I felt the moral duty to regenerate the data, so all investors could enjoy the fresh info.

Moreover, Mintos‘s official account has liked my project Mintos Explorer! Yay!

mintos ratings update, Mintos ratings update

Mintos’s transparency

Transparency is one of my key points when it comes to investing in a crowdlending platform. Some platforms hide their originator’s names, or just don’t clearly explain the process from the borrower wants to issue a loan until you receive your money in your pocket.

Some months ago, Mintos released their own originator’s rating system providing the investors useful information to decide where to put the money in. This week they’ve updated those initial ratings as the situation of some of the lenders has changed.

In short, these are the updates:

  • Aforti Finance from B to C+
  • Capital Service from C+ to B-
  • Assa Credit from A- to B
  • HipoCredit from C+ to B-
  • Lendo from B- to C+
  • ID Finance from B to B-

Limited bonus offer!

On another vein, Mintos has realised a new limited bonus offer! Sign up through my affiliate link to receive a cashback according to the amount you’ve invested after the 14th day of registration. This offer is valid until the 29th of March, 2019. For more info, see the image below:

mintos ratings update, Mintos ratings update

Use the Portfolio Estimator to see how your portfolio would perform over the years.

The bottom line

In my opinion, Mintos is on the right track. They know that being transparent pays off – it’s beneficial for both sides. That’s why Mintos plays an important role in my portfolio.

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